Sunday, November 24, 2013

Change of Distribution Policy for Signal GH

Today I saw this review for Signal GH my HDHomerun utility: Don't buy if you're in Europe 1 Star Bought this without detecting that it is USA only. I wasted my money. Should have said on the App Store. Ripped off. Now obviously, this user didn't write me to try and resolve his problem. And I don't know if he didn't notice there was a setting for using the European TV standard, or if he did and it didn't work, or if he was upset that US users got the benefit of a map of broadcasters, but the fact of the matter is I don't know that Signal GH works in the UK or not; I just assumed it would. So, I am stopping distribution in Europe (excepting Denmark where I've been distributing for years without complaint). If someone in the UK or any other European country would like to try it out, let me know and I'll turn distribution back on temporarily. And users of the App Store should know they can contact Apple support shortly after purchase for refunds. [Update: Apparently the version I just put on the App Store 1.4.1 is broken for people who haven't done an initial scan and this is probably the problem the U.K. user saw. I've removed it from distribution and will be posting a 1.4.2 update presently]. [Update 2: I've submitted a 1.4.2 update to the App Store, and I apologize for the bad impression I've given to new users over last week. It was my error in not testing a clean install.]