Friday, December 07, 2018

Changing My Mind and Buying a 2018 MacBook Pro 13"

In my last post I argued that you can get a perfectly useable used 2015 MacBook Pro development machine for half the cost of a moderately specced 2018 model. And, that is true. iOS development is relatively lightweight compared to video production. My work issued me a 2015 MacBook Pro 15" and I don't have any complaints.

But there is a difference between needs and wants.

The fact of the matter is that I've been doing OK financially. Even when I wasn't, I spent about $2400 in both 2004 and 1998 buying the computers with which I plied my trade. By that measure, the nearly $3000 I spent on a quad core, 16GB, 1 TB laptop is at worst par for the course. I can afford it.

And this little laptop is a pleasure. The screen is exceptional, the speakers are amazing, Touch ID is such a convenience. I haven't grown to like or use the Touch Bar, but on the other hand, I don't use tools that require the escape key, and it wasn't as if I could touch type the brightness control before.

It's fast. Having a quad core in this smaller form factor is a treat when it comes to Xcode builds.

Its battery lasts longer than I do.

Being able to charge from either side is surprisingly pleasing. I worry about the lack of MagSafe, but so far no incidents.

And that's mainly what I connect to this device: a single power cable. If it's at my desks this will include Ethernet and whatever connection is needed to drive my monitor. I have a 38" ultra wide display that a Thunderbolt 3 cable can drive at 60Hz. Nice. But mainly, I'm typing untethered on a couch or bed. There is no dongle hell for me as most of the time there is nothing to attach. Well, I do have to have a USB-C to lightning data cable on hand if I am debugging on an iPhone or iPad. I will say that keeping track of the various flavors of USB-C cables is a very non-Apple like experience, but  not a daily thing.

The keyboard is fine, accurate, fast even. Nothing attached to a laptop is going to match my clicky Das Keyboard for visceral enjoyment.  I've no preference between either the 2015 or the 2018 keyboards. (Oh, I see where the Touch Bar is suggesting the keyboard emoji 🎹. Cute.).

The trackpad could be smaller, and occasionally had been giving me false palm taps, but I guess an update fixed it. Regardless, it's the finest trackpad it's ever been my pleasure to use. I see co-workers haunting around the abominable Apple Magic Mouse instead of using the delightfully responsive and accurate trackpad in their MacBooks and I just don't understand.

So, yes. If you can afford it. If you have the cash—please don't go into debt for this luxury—the 2018 MacBook Pro is worth what Apple's charging for it.