Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Ask for A Feature

A while ago, I complained about a rude request for a feature in How Not to Ask For A Feature. The flip side of this is this recent three star review for TV Towers USA.
Not a bad app, very accurate and stable.

If I had one BIG complaint, this does not find TV translators and LP~LD (low power) stations.
 The reviewer was quite right this is a big problem. My only excuse for not adding translators is that I live in New England and translator stations are rare, but in the mountainous West, they are all over the place. So the next versions of TV Towers USA and Signal GH will include translator stations.

 And while I was mucking around in the FCC query pages, I noticed the feature of the FCC website where you can get contour plots in KML for most (some are missing) TV broadcast antennas. So that'll be in the next version too. The app will be greatly improved.

So thanks, Rnb4travel for the constructive criticism.

[Update January 29, 2013: after TV Towers USA 1.2 and 1.3 versions added translators, contour maps and searching, Rnb4travel posted a new 5 star review: “GREAT Improvements! Excellent app” so it all worked out.]