Monday, May 28, 2012

On Leaving ChemDraw

After nearly 7 years on the job, I've left CambridgeSoft/PerkinElmer. It wasn't done lightly, I'll miss my codebase. I hope Mac users appreciate the near-perfection of their PDFs or how you can call any command from AppleScript or the text clipboard comes out with subscripts intact, or any of a thousand little details I slipped in. All the way while fighting against time as Apple deprecated the technologies it was based upon.

But the job just got less and less of a deal over time: from working home 2 days a week, to having to commute to the office every day, from having flexible hours to having to show up for a scrum meeting every morning. From having stock options+salary to only having salary.

So, I waited for an iOS job to pop up where I live, and grabbed it. It's a fine thing to be a (good) iOS developer. There's always another job to be had.