Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Logitech Still Sells the Z-5500

I just yesterday replaced the decade old Logitech Z-5500 Digital speaker system in my TV room. It had spent several years on my desk when I had an apartment, and then spent the last 5 years giving surround sound to my house. It gave me reliability and a nice set of inputs. As a gadget guy, I'm just shocked that something as archaic is still being actively sold. Go look at its specification page and it touts its “Analog stereo-mini (on side panel of control center) for portable CD, MP3,or MiniDisc® players”. Now that's a blast from the past, the MiniDisc and portable CD player.

I replaced the Z-5500 with a Denon AVR 591 which is a real receiver with modern HDMI ports, modern audio codecs and an auto calibration system. Still, I am going to miss the conveniently small control module of the Z-5500.