Thursday, June 21, 2007

Alton Brown Uses My Software

My TiVo has a Good Eats season pass, and you can bet there is one thing that will get me to pause, rewind, slo-mo and call the wife in from the other room: when he brings out his LX-Proscope and starts looking at the fine details of yeast, sugar, or most recently pretzel salt. Why? Because I wrote the Luxus software clearly displayed on his PowerBook. It was my first project using the Qt framework, and it turned out pretty good for what it was; I just wish they let had let me make a Cocoa version. Somebody told me they've also seen it being used on CSI. How cool is that?

I bring this up because I was having a hard time finding Mr. Brown's e-mail address to correct his description of what constitutes an acidic solution. His chemistry knowledge is usually good, but not this week.