Sunday, April 23, 2006

Putting out a first release-Remote Remote GH for MythTV

As I said a few weeks ago, I was writing a small Cocoa application to remotely control my MythTV frontend over my local area network in my home. And I finally got it to the point where it was reasonably stable and reasonably useful. The name of my company is Generally Helpful, and when a product matches that description, it's time to push it out the door.

So, I needed to update my website, which I had not done in years. As an expediency, I just did it all in iWeb using the travel template. It looks quite nice, although I'm sure there will be serious deja vu for people who've seen their share of .Mac pages. And I put together a few help pages using BBEdit so the Help menu would have some content. It's a simple enough to do. Then I had to put together a simple ReadMe in Pages, which I printed out to a PDF file. I like ReadMes which are in PDF format, anybody can read them, they are read-only, they are one file (unlike HTML pages) and you can put any number of pictures and font changes you want. Finally, I built one last Release build, and made sure it actually ran on my system. Sometimes you put out a release build, and there is some dynamic library which is missing and it won't run on any system but your own; I hope that didn't happen.

Then it was a trip to the Disk Utilities "New Image from Folder..." command to create a compressed .dmg file, and I had all the parts needed to publish the site and get going. Then I made announcements to the MythTV user mailing list and the Linux chat section of AVS Forum. I tried to put a posting on Version Tracker, but it has been too long and I couldn't figure out how to report a new product. [Update: I found the Version Tracker submission form.]

Now, I will either get a flood of bug reports and suggestions, or the three people with both PowerBooks and MythTV installations will miss my postings.

Here is the product page.