Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wherein I Categorize American Radio Formats

For my AM Towers USA, and FM Towers USA mapping apps, I had to compress well over a hundred radio formats into a handful of categories (it ended up being 11) so here's the raw source:

    NSArray* listOfCategories =
    @[@"Ethnic Formats", @"Cajun Music", @"Adult Urban Contemporary", @"Black Gospel",@"Classic Hip-hop", @"Contemporary Latino", @"Hawaiian Music", @"Hip Hop", @"Hispanic Rhythmic", @"Hispanic Urban", @"Holy Hip Hop", @"International language", @"Latin American music", @"Latin Pop", @"Latino", @"Mainstream Urban", @"Merengue Music", @"Mexican", @"Native Americans in the United States", @"Polka music", @"Polynesian culture", @"Reggae", @"Reggaeton", @"Salsa Music", @"Soul", @"South Asia", @"Spanish Language", @"Spanish Adult Hits", @"Spanish Contemporary", @"Spanish music", @"Spanish Norteno", @"Spanish Oldies", @"Spanish Religious", @"Spanish Top 40", @"Spanish Variety", @"Tejano", @"Urban Adult Hits", @"Urban Contemporary Gospel", @"Urban Gospel", @"Urban Oldies", @"Vietnamese", @"World Ethnic"],
    @[@"News Formats",@"News"@"All News Radio", @"News/Talk", @"Classical Music/News", @"Public Radio", @"Weather", @"Public Broadcasting", @"Sports", @"BBC World Service"],
    @[@"Talk Formats", @"Talk", @"News/Talk", @"Christian Talk and Teaching", @"Conservative Talk", @"Hot Talk", @"Progressive Talk", @"Public Affairs Programming", @"Radio Reading Service", @"Sports Talk", @"Talk/Personality", @"Comedy", @"Educational", @"English Language", @"ESPN Radio", @"Home Shopping", @"Non-commercial Educational"],
    @[@"High Brow", @"Beautiful Music", @"Classical Music", @"Classical music/News", @"European Classical Music", @"Jazz and Classical", @"Jazz"],
    @[@"Country Formats",@"Country"@"Classic Country", @"Classic Country Music", @"Contemporary Country", @"Progressive Country", @"Current Country",@"Hot Country", @"Real Country", @"Mainstream Country", @"Modern Country", @"New Country", @"Texas Country", @"Today‘s Best Country"],
    @[@"Religious Music Formats", @"Religious Music", @"Black Gospel", @"Bluegrass and Southern Gospel", @"Christian Adult Contemporary", @"Christian Alternative Rock", @"Christian Contemporary", @"Christian Music", @"Christian Rock", @"Contemporary Christian Music", @"Contemporary Inspirational", @"Gospel Music", @"Holy Hip Hop", @"Inspirational music", @"Southern Gospel", @"Urban Contemporary Gospel", @"Urban Gospel", @"Worship music"],
    @[@"Classic American", @"Americana", @"Big Band", @"Bluegrass", @"Blues", @"Cajun Music", @"80‘s Hits", @"1990s in Music", @"Active Rock", @"Album Oriented Rock", @"Bluegrass and Southern Gospel", @"Children‘s Radio", @"Chillout", @"Christian Rock", @"Christmas Music", @"Classic Hip-hop",@"Classic Hits Oldies", @"Classic Rock", @"College Rock", @"Easy Listening", @"Gospel Music", @"Indie Rock", @"Jazz", @"Lite Rock", @"Mainstream Rock", @"Modern Rock", @"Smooth Jazz", @"Pop", @"Punk Rock", @"R&B", @"Rhythmic Oldies", @"Rock", @"Soft Rock", @"Soul", @"Southern Gospel", @"Southern Rock", @"Top 40", @"Tropical", @"Variety Hits"],
    @[@"Contemporary Music Formats",@"Contemporary"@"Adult Album Alternative", @"Adult Alternative", @"Contemporary Hit Radio", @"Contemporary Hit Radio/Pop", @"Adult Contemporary",@"Hot Adult Contemporary", @"Bright Adult Contemporary music", @"Adult Hits", @"Adult Standards", @"Adult Top 40", @"Adult Urban Contemporary", @"Alternative Radio", @"Chillout", @"Christian Adult Contemporary", @"Christian Alternative Rock", @"Christian Contemporary", @"College Progressive", @"Contemporary Christian Music", @"Contemporary Inspirational", @"Contemporary Latino", @"Electronic Music", @"Hip Hop", @"Independent", @"Mainstream Top 40", @"Modern Adult Contemporary", @"Modern Rock", @"Smooth Jazz", @"Pop Contemporary", @"Rhythmic Adult Contemporary", @"Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio", @"Rhythmic Contemporary", @"Rhythmic Top 40", @"Smooth Adult Contemporary", @"Soft Adult Contemporary", @"Spanish Adult Hits", @"Spanish Contemporary", @"Top 40, Hot Adult Contemporary", @"Top 40", @"Urban Adult Hits"],
    @[@"Religious Formats",@"Religious"@"American Family Radio", @"Catholic", @"Christian", @"K-LOVE", @"Christian Talk and Teaching", @"Fundamentalist Christianity", @"Modern Worship", @"Religion", @"Religious Broadcasting", @"Spanish Religious"],
    @[@"Hard to Categorize", @"Campus Radio", @"Alternative/Free Format/Adult Contemporary", @"Children‘s Radio", @"Christmas Music", @"College", @"College/Oldies/Country/Hip-Hop/Rock and Roll", @"Commercial broadcasting", @"Community Radio", @"Dance music", @"Diversified", @"Eclecticism", @"Educational", @"Freeform", @"High School", @"Home Shopping", @"Indie Radio", @"Mass Appeal", @"Music", @"Non-commercial Educational", @"Non-commercial", @"Student", @"Stunting", @"Urban Adult Contemporary Oldies", @"User-generated Content", @"Variety Hits"],
    @[@"NPR Affiliates", @"NPR", @"National Public Radio", @"NPR news, classical music, jazz"]