Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Truthiness of Things I Said on DotNetRocks

When I recorded a recent episode of DotNetRocks I recorded my side of the conversation so that the sound engineers would have a cleaner copy of what I said then what went through the phone lines. And I've listened to what I said several times, and every time I do, I find a mistake I made; things I should and did know but in the course of talking quickly for an hour off the cuff didn't get quite get right.

  • Said that Adobe had taken over development of Java for OS X when I should have said they took over the Java SWT.
  • Should have kept my opinion of Java GUIs to myself since I haven't used SWT
  • Confused NSSortDescriptor with NSPredicate when it came to extracting Core Data
  • I strongly implied that Cocoa was for GUI work when of course, it's great for most aspects of application development including threading and networking
  • Completely garbled the relationship properties of Core Data objects
  • Turns out that the C++ paths dialog in Visual Studio is actually resizable. It's just really easy to miss the drag target.

Also, I say "You Know", "Like", and "Uh" way too often; and I was completely unaware that I did so.