Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SVG on Webkit - Improving

I'm gratified to see WebKit's continuous improvements in its support for SVG. Recent builds fixed a bug, I and many others, reported involving non-support for superscripted and subscripted text. This might seem a minor thing, but SVG support means, for instance, that someday soon Chemistry students will be able to go to a structure on Wikipedia via their iPhone, Android phone, or iPod Touch and actually zoom in on any portion of it perfectly, without worry about pixelating some lame .png file, and without worrying about errors in rendering making the structure ambiguous.

XML based SVG might not be the hottest technology, but the need for an open standard, full featured, vectored image format is so great, it just keeps chugging along. And it's inclusion in the base technology of both the iPhone and the Google Android SDK means it will finally allow for the inclusion of resolution independent and small vectored files, where today monstrous bitmap files are used. I'm sure Google is eager for its use in web apps for such activities as creating charts and graphs.

Now if Apple would just turn it on for the iPhone.