Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Windows Remote Desktop Beta

The Mac Business Unit at Microsoft released the first beta of Remote Desktop Connection 2. This is good news for me. A perk of my job is that I get to do most of my C++ coding on my Mac, but I do need a PC on my desk for Visual Studio to implement and debug Windows specific objects. As I require cutting and pasting between the two environments, I use Remote Desktop Connection on my iMac to put a full screen PC on a secondary monitor. I can copy and paste text between the two environments, using the same trackball and keyboard; and I can do full compile link cycles while not taking away from my Mac's performance unlike a Parallels virtual machine.

Unfortunately, I was irked by inexplicable slowdowns and unreliable text pasting; and I had no real hope of the situation brightening as I believed Microsoft had abandoned Remote Desktop Connection development, and I would be stuck forever with a PowerPC only, buggy hack. And yet, here out of Redmond comes a beta of a universal binary version 2. Read the blog entry announcing the release. They took use cases like mine into account; I like the easy sharing of a Mac folder as a Windows volume; text pasting seems instantaneous, and GUI performance is fairly snappy on my 20" Intel iMac.

It shows its beta-ness. I crashed it several times trying to bring it up on my second monitor before it stuck. I hope the MacBU will fix the more blatant bugs in short order. Thanks MS.