Saturday, August 27, 2005

PVC Furniture

I'm enthusiastic about Make Magazine. It's always an interesting and inspiring read.

For example, a few weeks ago on the Make blog, there was mention of using PVC tubing to make furniture. As it happens, my mother-in-law had been pestering me for a small chair, of very specific dimensions, so she could sit and wash my son, or clean vegetables near the floor. Local stores had no chairs of the proper dimensions or stability for an adult, and in an off moment I told her I'd build her one. How I planned to do this was unclear, as I have no wood shaping tools. Thank goodness, I came across the blog entry, as I was able to make a seat to the precise dimensions my mother-in-law required.

PVC Stool

PVC pipe is fairly cheap: $0.50 per foot of 1¼" diameter tubing. It's the joints which add up; I paid $2.20 per joint at the "PVC Store" display at the hardware store, but I'm sure I could have gotten a much better price. I sawed each segment roughly (no precision required) and fit everything together by hand. Then I attached a surplus shelf from a DVD rack as a seat.

Presto, one made to order, sturdy, unique miniature chair. Thanks, Make Magazine.