Friday, June 03, 2005

The Thinkpad X23 and the Dell 2005FPW LCD Monitor

I own a Dell 2005FPW LCD monitor, which has a native resolution of 1680x1050. My wife owns a Thinkpad X23 model 2662. The Thinkpad uses an integrated ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 as it's graphics engine. I thought, "Hey it would be nice if I could plug my nice widescreen monitor into my wife's little Thinkpad." So I tried, and it didn't work because there was no 1680x1050 available in the Windows XP display panel.

Then I thought, that perhaps there was a more modern driver available, so I went to ATI's web site and it turns out that they do not provide drivers for integrated notebook video cards. So I went to IBM's web site which a lot of searching ended me up at Lenovo's driver page for the X23. I had some trouble actually downloading from the site from the Thinkpad, due to some Java problem, and ended up using my 12" PowerBook 867 Mhz to download the driver, and move it over to the Thinkpad with a thumb drive.

Installation was quick and easy, and successful. My wife can now surf the web in beautiful widescreen if she so chooses.

I also have a USB hub available which I can plug into the desktop PC, my PowerBook or the ThinkPad which with a single plug gives printing, external keyboard, trackball, and audio out. It's a pretty sweet setup.